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0001721 7186e 005 00001223 00001259 00001768 6908e

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Unformatted text preview: 59 0.0001768 6.908E-005 0.0001165 0.0001223 0.0001711 7.684E-005 0.00012428 0.0001329 0.0001742 7.238E-005 0.0001175 0.0001275 0.0001645 6.809E-005 0.0001138 0.0001263 0.0001549 6.599E-005 0.000107 0.0001189 0.0001505 6.570E-005 0.0001016 0.0001141 0.0001438 6.269E-005 0.0001004 0.0001193 0.0001352 5.894E-005 9.480E-005 0.0001122 0.0001272 5.571E-005 8.919E-005 0.0001057 0.0001331 5.884E-005 8.769E-005 0.0001076 0.0001347 5.545E-005 8.243E-005 0.0001025 0.0001448 5.249E-005 7.906E-005 9.639E-005 0.0001367 4.940E-005 7.493E-005 9.173E-005 0.0001343 4.946E-005 7.047E-005 8.660E-005 0.0001263 4.829E-005 6.625E-005 8.142E-005 0.0001219 4.673E-005 6.536E-005 7.950E-005 0.0001207 4.835E-005 6.560E-005 8.417E-005 0.0001274 4.647E-005 6.214E-005 7.914E-005 0.0001217 4.403E-005 6.174E-005 7.526E-005 0.0001182 4.140E-005 5.815E-005 7.083E-005 0.0001279 4.752E-005 5.775E-005 8.789E-005 0.0001215 4.531E-005 5.435E-005 8.341E-005 0.0001142 4.302E-005 5.469E-005 8.008E-005 0.0001074 4.705E-005 5.294E-005 8.178E-005 0.0001101 4.431E-005 4.984E-005 7.689E-005 0.000111 4.174E-005 5.054E-005 7.259E-005 0.0001045 4.212E-005 5.381E-005 7.425E-005 9.824E-005 4.284E-005 5.678E-005 7.305E-005 0.0001059 4.125E-005 5.337E-005 6.916E-005 0.0001012 4.610E-005 5.108E-005 6.749E-005 9.515E-005 4.758E-005 5.045E-005 6.582E-005 9.584E-005 4.487E-005 4.757E-005 6.283E-005 9.310E-005 4.264E-005 4.496E-005 5.996E-005 9.274E-005 4.368E-005 4.237E-005 5.803E-005 8.722E-005 4.110E-005 4.038E-005 5.468E-005 8.217E-005 4.074E-005 4.322E-005 6.048E-005 7.916E-005 3.835E-005 4.065E-005 5.706E-005 7.931E-005 3.605E-005 3.945E-005 5.363E-005 7.751E-005 3.396E-005 3.721E-005 5.192E-005 7.298E-005 3.426E-005 3.855E-005 5.708E-005 6.861E-005 3.366E-005 3.627E-005 5.379E-005 7.341E-005 3.171E-005 3.589E-005 5.057E-005 7.620E-005 3.390E-005 3.377E-005 4.787E-005 7.299E-005 3.188E-005 3.225E-005 5.128E-005 8.464E-005 3.049E-005 3.450E-005 5.483E-005 8.086E-005 2.869E-005 3.265E-005 5.437E-005 7.605E-005 2.906E-005 3.201E-005 5.468E-005 7.269E-005 3.279E-005 4.662E-005 6.786E-005 6.836E-005 4.392E-005 4.426E-005 7.660E-005 6.428E-005 4.975E-005 4.161E-005 7.210E-005 7.428E-005 4.677E-005 4.463E-005 7.336E-005 7.040E-005 4.958E-005 4.504E-005 7.195E-005 6.720E-005 5.852E-005 4.451E-005 6.988E-005 6.332E-005 5.669E-005 5.321E-005 8.743E-005 6.181E-005 5.569E-005 5.925E-005 8.771E-005 6.125E-005 5.258E-005 5.680E-005 8.298E-005 6.346E-005 4.959E-005 5.718E-005 7.839E-005 5.969E-005 5.349E-005 5.375E-005 7.445E-005 5.653E-005 5.133E-005 5.438E-005 7.650E-005 5.328E-005 5.951E-005 5.225E-005 7.198E-005 5.057E-005 5.596E-005 4.973E-005 6.835E-005 4.939E-005 5.268E-005 4.791E-005 6.832E-005 4.651E-005 5.225E-005 4.644E-005 6.446E-005 5.236E-005 4.913E-005 4.634E-005 6.769E-005 5.052E-005 4.624E-005 4.542E-005 6.756E-005 5.541E-005 4.883E-005 4.311E-005 6.479E-005 5.210E-005 4.648E-005 4.387E-005 6.394E-005 4.897E-005 4.373E-005 4.126E-005 6.028E-005 4.697E-005 4.179E-005 4.290E-005 5.970E-005 4.532E-005 3.976...
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