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Unformatted text preview: -005 7.9558E-006 9.8266E-006 7.9353E-006 2.701E-005 2.7951E-006 1.1869E-005 1.0029E-005 2.969E-005 6.8269E-006 2.2766E-005 2.0083E-006 3.849E-005 -3.4462E-007 2.1367E-005 1.7496E-006 3.629E-005 1.3111E-007 2.6395E-005 7.8648E-006 4.235E-005 8.2401E-006 2.5046E-005 7.1026E-006 4.331E-005 0.000003419 2.5428E-005 6.2785E-006 4.445E-005 2.4243E-006 2.7434E-005 5.4098E-006 4.408E-005 0.000001958 2.8589E-005 0.000004544 4.573E-005 1.0121E-006 2.7058E-005 3.5659E-006 4.292E-005 1.2008E-006 2.4631E-005 2.4147E-006 4.251E-005 3.6596E-006 0.000023284 1.7908E-006 4.015E-005 2.7505E-006 2.2712E-005 2.3704E-006 3.832E-005 3.0697E-006 0.000021358 1.8111E-006 3.603E-005 2.6656E-006 0.000020161 1.7335E-006 3.704E-005 3.6718E-006 2.1930E-005 5.5765E-006 3.694E-005 6.2594E-006 2.1422E-005 5.9447E-006 3.652E-005 0.000007443 2.0179E-005 5.5301E-006 3.457E-005 6.6551E-006 1.7774E-005 3.6158E-006 3.594E-005 0.000010818 1.6514E-005 2.8986E-006 3.351E-005 9.4535E-006 1.5673E-005 2.2809E-006 3.160E-005 8.5743E-006 1.8594E-005 8.8079E-007 2.908E-005 8.2647E-006 3.0317E-005 7.6611E-006 3.578E-005 0.000012263 2.8550E-005 7.2613E-006 3.368E-005 1.1584E-005 2.6558E-005 6.8147E-006 3.137E-005 1.0878E-005 2.5464E-005 7.0325E-006 3.326E-005 1.4964E-005 2.8015E-005 1.2613E-005 3.782E-005 0.000023708 0.00002659 1.2626E-005 3.489E-005 2.0306E-005 2.4301E-005 9.7521E-006 3.473E-005 0.000024961 2.9726E-005 7.0066E-006 4.589E-005 1.9305E-005 2.8217E-005 9.1471E-006 4.326E-005 1.9261E-005 2.5936E-005 9.6786E-006 4.170E-005 1.6195E-005 2.4518E-005 0.000009009 3.977E-005 1.4853E-005 2.3100E-005 8.1893E-006 3.732E-005 1.4318E-005 2.1591E-005 7.7378E-006 3.787E-005 1.2554E-005 2.2920E-005 0.000004501 3.672E-005 1.0612E-005 0.000021315 3.9869E-006 3.445E-005 9.8958E-006 2.4796E-005 6.1384E-006 4.187E-005 1.4072E-005 2.6211E-005 7.3594E-006 4.158E-005 1.4440E-005 2.4996E-005 7.0732E-006 4.098E-005 1.4397E-005 0.000023617 6.6991E-006 3.929E-005 1.3852E-005 2.2920E-005 6.4737E-006 3.702E-005 0.000013044 1.8432E-005 3.2079E-006 3.727E-005 1.4544E-005 1.9703E-005 4.9501E-006 4.239E-005 1.9661E-005 0.000018267 4.5025E-006 4.058E-005 0.000018913 1.7197E-005 3.7813E-006 3.819E-005 1.7011E-005 1.6149E-005 3.6319E-006 3.569E-005 1.6955E-005 1.5192E-005 3.3965E-006 3.456E-005 1.4495E-005 1.5201E-005 3.1914E-006 3.394E-005 0.000013623 1.2987E-005 -3.0377E-007 3.356E-005 1.7022E-005 1.1603E-005 2.0764E-006 3.156E-005 1.5937E-005 0.000014039 5.0232E-006 3.248E-005 1.7739E-005 1.3102E-005 5.6096E-006 3.044E-005 1.7595E-005 1.2301E-005 5.2585E-006 2.877E-005 1.6695E-005 1.1561E-005 5.2612E-006 2.705E-005 1.5454E-005 1.1615E-005 5.2724E-006 2.713E-005 0.000015273 1.0342E-005 2.2618E-006 2.603E-005 1.6809E-005 9.4493E-006 1.3246E-006 2.476E-005 1.6652E-005 8.2993E-006 1.1382E-006 2.578E-005 0.000016114 6.7518E-005 1.1422E-005 6.611E-005 2.2406E-005 6.0148E-005 3.4121E-006 7.625E-005 5.2199E-005 5.8300E-005 4.6421E-006 7.734E-005 5.3684E-005 5.8443E-005 1.2323E-005 7.269E-005 0.000050436 5.7243E-005 2.2131E-005 7.245E...
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