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5458e 006 26455e 005 0000000309 4551e 005 0000001385

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Unformatted text preview: 005 -5.2009E-007 4.127E-005 9.7269E-008 -1.8038E-006 2.3000E-005 6.7690E-007 3.811E-005 8.9466E-007 3.7856E-006 2.0714E-005 -8.5852E-008 3.431E-005 4.3854E-007 3.3165E-006 1.8784E-005 -2.5590E-008 3.618E-005 2.3384E-006 5.9796E-006 2.1869E-005 6.5554E-006 3.609E-005 6.7844E-006 1.0410E-005 2.1029E-005 7.0712E-006 3.547E-005 8.7044E-006 0.00001231 0.000018996 6.2676E-006 3.233E-005 7.2652E-006 1.0503E-005 1.5107E-005 3.0032E-006 3.484E-005 1.4142E-005 1.8449E-005 1.3273E-005 1.8691E-006 3.089E-005 1.1536E-005 2.4152E-005 1.2196E-005 9.4267E-007 2.798E-005 9.8622E-006 2.1578E-005 1.7412E-005 -1.2571E-006 2.414E-005 9.2174E-006 1.5988E-005 3.7069E-005 1.0257E-005 3.580E-005 1.5786E-005 0.000027644 3.3449E-005 9.3314E-006 3.230E-005 1.4302E-005 2.5045E-005 2.9638E-005 0.00000838 2.858E-005 1.2853E-005 2.2550E-005 0.000027507 8.5865E-006 3.202E-005 1.9465E-005 2.4687E-005 3.1555E-005 1.7733E-005 3.974E-005 3.3589E-005 3.7718E-005 2.8826E-005 1.7242E-005 3.467E-005 2.6930E-005 3.6376E-005 2.4787E-005 1.1990E-005 3.441E-005 3.4027E-005 4.2364E-005 3.3781E-005 7.1906E-006 5.305E-005 0.000023694 2.6068E-005 3.0860E-005 1.0740E-005 4.795E-005 2.3181E-005 2.5273E-005 2.6794E-005 1.1466E-005 4.488E-005 1.7679E-005 0.000018787 2.4345E-005 1.0172E-005 4.136E-005 1.5294E-005 1.5086E-005 2.1999E-005 0.000008689 3.711E-005 1.4358E-005 1.2808E-005 1.9594E-005 7.8866E-006 3.805E-005 1.1414E-005 7.7876E-006 2.2009E-005 0.000002477 3.612E-005 8.2919E-006 2.9224E-006 1.9425E-005 1.8226E-006 3.238E-005 7.3302E-006 2.7057E-006 2.5415E-005 5.6249E-006 4.497E-005 1.4546E-005 8.8515E-006 2.7711E-005 7.7112E-006 4.416E-005 1.5112E-005 9.4029E-006 2.5536E-005 0.000007199 4.291E-005 1.4974E-005 9.4617E-006 2.3184E-005 0.000006563 3.989E-005 1.4008E-005 1.0382E-005 2.2066E-005 6.2008E-006 3.606E-005 1.2646E-005 9.8639E-006 1.4672E-005 7.8516E-007 3.657E-005 1.5185E-005 1.2909E-005 1.7166E-005 3.9311E-006 4.518E-005 2.3649E-005 1.9147E-005 1.5026E-005 0.000003287 4.187E-005 2.2004E-005 1.7651E-005 1.3567E-005 2.2065E-006 3.776E-005 1.8525E-005 1.5112E-005 0.000012183 0.000002115 3.364E-005 1.8281E-005 1.3328E-005 1.0985E-005 1.8744E-006 3.197E-005 1.4047E-005 8.9561E-006 1.1421E-005 1.6849E-006 3.118E-005 1.2639E-005 8.0543E-006 8.1087E-006 -3.9899E-006 3.083E-005 1.8402E-005 1.3163E-005 6.2891E-006 3.4577E-007 2.777E-005 1.6457E-005 1.0700E-005 0.000010881 0.00000543 2.969E-005 1.9407E-005 0.000015283 9.6355E-006 6.3668E-006 2.655E-005 1.9001E-005 1.3049E-005 8.6464E-006 5.7059E-006 2.417E-005 0.00001736 1.1898E-005 7.7781E-006 5.6657E-006 2.176E-005 1.5226E-005 1.0699E-005 8.2474E-006 5.6439E-006 2.243E-005 1.4947E-005 0.000010107 6.4621E-006 5.8911E-007 2.106E-005 1.7539E-005 1.1646E-005 5.3624E-006 -8.0570E-007 1.944E-005 1.7205E-005 1.1138E-005 3.8544E-006 -9.0331E-007 2.168E-005 1.6253E-005 1.1220E-005 0.000102996 1.6441E-005 8.930E-005 2.6726E-005 2.5931E-005 8.7166E-005 2.5888E-006 0.0001039 7.5949E-005 6.0048E-005 8.1384E-005 4.7211E-006 0.0001029 7.6048E-005 6.3026E-00...
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