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Unformatted text preview: 5 7.9313E-005 1.7515E-005 9.262E-005 6.8399E-005 6.5057E-005 7.5227E-005 3.3342E-005 9.024E-005 9.2992E-005 8.3002E-005 8.0324E-005 4.5859E-005 9.396E-005 9.9699E-005 8.6459E-005 7.1882E-005 4.1861E-005 8.553E-005 8.8339E-005 7.6249E-005 7.1794E-005 4.8550E-005 9.164E-005 0.000101973 9.3265E-005 6.4928E-005 4.4245E-005 8.317E-005 9.2988E-005 8.4999E-005 0.000055836 4.2397E-005 7.629E-005 0.000082264 7.0859E-005 0.000072879 0.000051092 8.195E-005 8.1633E-005 7.1315E-005 5.3621E-005 3.2085E-005 0.0001393 0.000149586 0.0001377136 5.2088E-005 3.1259E-005 0.0001644 0.000158923 0.000143394 4.7457E-005 3.0927E-005 0.000148 0.0001433231 0.000130039 5.6350E-005 4.2985E-005 0.0001469 0.000144193 0.000139649 5.4827E-005 4.3262E-005 0.0001363 0.000134284 0.000133018 7.3679E-005 5.9940E-005 0.0001498 0.000144283 0.000145491 6.7347E-005 5.4508E-005 0.000137 0.000131049 0.0001332333 6.1605E-005 4.8831E-005 0.0001311 0.0001161713 0.000117456 5.4334E-005 4.9103E-005 0.000118 0.000104455 0.000103983 0.00005371 0.00004916 0.0001087 9.6573E-005 9.7493E-005 5.3925E-005 4.4454E-005 0.0001107 8.7402E-005 8.8501E-005 4.8553E-005 4.0071E-005 9.953E-005 7.8310E-005 7.9715E-005 4.4156E-005 3.2671E-005 8.982E-005 6.8696E-005 6.8709E-005 5.1949E-005 4.2559E-005 9.025E-005 7.1972E-005 7.6721E-005 4.7479E-005 4.0962E-005 8.112E-005 6.4392E-005 7.7305E-005 4.2833E-005 3.6129E-005 7.322E-005 5.6415E-005 6.9450E-005 3.8999E-005 3.3543E-005 6.729E-005 5.3948E-005 6.6800E-005 0.000036865 2.9972E-005 6.074E-005 0.000048532 6.0044E-005 3.2895E-005 2.2959E-005 5.464E-005 4.3324E-005 5.4420E-005 3.2918E-005 1.5921E-005 5.421E-005 3.1779E-005 4.1908E-005 4.0402E-005 0.000027405 5.923E-005 4.1275E-005 5.6816E-005 3.6092E-005 2.2300E-005 5.350E-005 3.8763E-005 5.1508E-005 0.000031569 2.1994E-005 5.097E-005 2.8942E-005 4.3334E-005 2.8368E-005 1.9169E-005 4.603E-005 2.8329E-005 4.0980E-005 4.8095E-005 2.2811E-005 5.495E-005 2.8827E-005 4.5632E-005 4.4480E-005 2.0478E-005 4.985E-005 2.5927E-005 4.1012E-005 3.8618E-005 1.8375E-005 4.896E-005 2.3494E-005 3.7020E-005 0.000045686 3.5714E-006 4.931E-005 1.4919E-005 0.000020451 4.1059E-005 4.5496E-006 4.433E-005 1.4726E-005 1.7862E-005 3.6683E-005 3.9002E-006 4.170E-005 1.4547E-005 0.000016455 3.9951E-005 3.2915E-006 4.779E-005 1.2769E-005 1.4494E-005 4.1374E-005 1.4039E-005 5.049E-005 2.6794E-005 2.4135E-005 3.8401E-005 1.4725E-005 4.541E-005 2.4052E-005 2.3210E-005 4.1662E-005 1.3947E-005 4.337E-005 2.1891E-005 2.1293E-005 4.2791E-005 3.8683E-006 4.305E-005 1.3115E-005 0.000012657 3.7894E-005 4.5732E-006 3.936E-005 1.0704E-005 8.5598E-006 3.5180E-005 1.5248E-006 3.620E-005 7.7688E-006 4.0898E-006 2.7584E-005 2.0811E-006 3.331E-005 6.8652E-006 3.1993E-006 2.4704E-005 2.0119E-006 3.044E-005 5.6552E-006 2.6174E-006 2.9519E-005 -1.5404E-006 3.891E-005 -2.0845E-007 -4.6053E-006 2.6752E-005 -2.2966E-006 3.513E-005 -7.4572E-007 -5.8087E-006 2.4078E-005 -2.2187E-006 3.163E-005 -3.8637E-006 -5.2497E-006 2.1141E-005 -2.1466E-006 2.921E-005 -0.000003267 -4.015...
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