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8637e 006 52497e 006 21141e 005 21466e 006 2921e 005

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Unformatted text preview: 0E-006 2.6367E-005 -1.6443E-006 3.535E-005 -2.5855E-006 -3.0728E-006 2.4477E-005 -7.4801E-006 3.193E-005 -0.000003274 -4.6160E-006 2.2011E-005 -5.5927E-006 2.864E-005 3.0508E-006 -4.3532E-006 1.7867E-005 -8.9754E-006 2.593E-005 3.0634E-006 -2.7963E-006 1.5672E-005 -8.7301E-006 2.633E-005 7.5354E-006 1.4215E-005 1.7225E-005 -6.4760E-006 3.247E-005 1.0666E-005 1.7681E-005 1.5091E-005 -5.7798E-006 3.052E-005 9.4464E-006 1.5357E-005 1.8144E-005 -7.8463E-006 3.109E-005 0.000006401 1.0370E-005 0.00003214 -6.3806E-006 5.548E-005 6.9451E-006 1.0515E-005 5.0521E-005 -6.7621E-006 5.387E-005 6.0644E-006 8.4545E-006 4.4017E-005 -2.4141E-005 4.848E-005 0.000005458 9.4661E-006 0.000039656 -0.000021714 5.290E-005 7.9007E-006 1.1527E-005 4.2523E-005 -1.5550E-005 5.267E-005 0.000010069 1.3286E-005 4.6898E-005 -1.6227E-005 5.108E-005 8.1096E-006 1.0988E-005 5.2286E-005 -1.1335E-005 7.218E-005 1.5801E-005 2.1645E-005 5.3130E-005 -5.6198E-006 7.687E-005 2.3204E-005 2.6432E-005 4.8394E-005 -6.9825E-006 7.046E-005 1.6631E-005 2.0847E-005 4.3136E-005 -6.1563E-006 6.543E-005 0.000014351 0.000018565 3.5009E-005 -8.3744E-006 5.884E-005 1.2880E-005 1.7651E-005 2.7150E-005 -6.8797E-006 6.131E-005 1.0332E-005 1.4248E-005 2.5921E-005 -2.3108E-006 5.565E-005 1.0527E-005 1.3130E-005 2.3537E-005 -0.000001738 4.900E-005 7.6964E-006 1.3701E-005 2.2072E-005 -1.4368E-006 4.774E-005 7.4486E-006 1.3305E-005 1.8538E-005 -9.3982E-006 4.392E-005 1.2504E-005 1.4331E-005 0.000016243 -8.6471E-006 4.681E-005 1.4366E-005 1.7956E-005 1.3795E-005 -8.9520E-006 4.664E-005 1.9331E-005 2.5464E-005 8.0451E-006 -7.6428E-006 4.318E-005 1.7283E-005 2.2715E-005 0.000009442 -6.8172E-006 4.418E-005 1.5703E-005 2.0585E-005 8.6412E-006 -6.4683E-006 3.988E-005 1.3859E-005 1.7856E-005 1.0184E-005 -7.3151E-006 4.178E-005 8.8163E-006 1.2922E-005 9.2563E-006 -4.7067E-006 3.771E-005 1.0189E-005 1.1846E-005 2.3533E-005 -3.6822E-006 5.100E-005 0.000009791 1.1375E-005 1.9481E-005 -9.5932E-006 4.662E-005 0.000011464 1.3590E-005 5.3053E-005 -1.6205E-005 6.317E-005 5.7953E-006 6.0773E-006 4.8550E-005 -9.9322E-006 5.755E-005 9.2352E-006 0.000008931 4.2278E-005 -9.4885E-006 5.442E-005 0.000009331 8.4022E-006 0.000044511 -4.3137E-006 7.236E-005 2.3694E-005 2.6302E-005 4.6908E-005 -5.7204E-007 7.803E-005 2.7564E-005 3.0172E-005 6.1268E-005 -2.9499E-006 8.503E-005 2.2917E-005 2.3077E-005 6.0961E-005 -9.7882E-006 8.172E-005 1.4256E-005 1.1430E-005 8.2350E-005 -1.2280E-005 0.0001057 8.7749E-006 6.6702E-006 0.000068138 -1.5056E-005 0.0001032 1.3348E-005 1.5505E-005 0.000124203 6.2753E-006 0.0001803 0.000039559 3.8258E-005 0.000120244 4.2143E-005 0.0001654 4.9211E-005 0.000047377 0.000108518 3.8151E-005 0.0001488 4.4243E-005 4.2653E-005 0.000077351 3.6896E-005 0.0001799 0.000034019 3.4053E-005 5.0462E-005 8.2689E-006 0.0001909 6.8338E-005 6.7517E-005 4.9127E-005 1.2508E-005 0.0001757 6.6836E-005 6.4058E-005 7.5181E-005 1.1781E-005 0.000176 6.0454E-005 5.8023E-005 4.2433E-005 2.2206E-006 0.000165 5.6587E-005 5.6686E-005 4.2356E-005...
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