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Unformatted text preview: 14E-005 1.6693E-005 1.4473E-005 1.2909E-005 1.4098E-005 1.2575E-005 1.4095E-005 2.8532E-005 0.000029665 2.6699E-005 2.4069E-005 2.8604E-005 3.4215E-005 3.8082E-005 4.2123E-005 3.8745E-005 3.3559E-005 3.0348E-005 2.3961E-005 2.7505E-005 2.4558E-005 2.2578E-005 1.7057E-005 1.5079E-005 1.3005E-005 9.2282E-006 1.0615E-005 9.6116E-006 1.1446E-005 0.000011252 2.3363E-005 1.9683E-005 4.3819E-005 4.0369E-005 3.2367E-005 3.4404E-005 3.7537E-005 4.2618E-005 4.2324E-005 6.8912E-005 5.8592E-005 0.000124 0.000120494 0.00010742 0.000069498 0.000042952 4.4664E-005 6.5413E-005 4.6564E-005 4.7008E-005 5.7646E-005 0.000106283 0.000104369 9.3252E-005 0.000102968 9.9826E-005 9.4843E-005 0.000148999 0.000134872 0.000121101 0.00012903 0.000116127 0.000108558 0.00014545 0.000140233 0.000121259 0.000122345 0.000118065 0.000123998 0.000114553 0.000139275 0.00012433 0.000144764 0.000129777 0.000125971 0.0001118332 0.000098543 0.000104279 9.5549E-005 8.7668E-005 8.1685E-005 7.7592E-005 7.1913E-005 0.000065098 6.7003E-005 DJIA/CAC COVARIANCE DJIA/Nikkei FTSE/CAC FTSE/Nikkei CAC/Nikkei 8.4462E-005 2.0232E-005 0.0001594 7.5713E-005 0.000080382 7.5060E-005 9.8434E-006 0.000143 6.4379E-005 0.000077145 5.7516E-005 -1.9606E-006 0.0001371 6.6986E-005 8.3720E-005 4.7565E-005 -2.4782E-006 0.0001295 6.1325E-005 7.6931E-005 4.2225E-005 -8.5294E-007 0.0001164 5.5432E-005 6.8486E-005 3.9097E-005 8.9940E-007 0.0001156 0.000066268 8.4753E-005 5.1281E-005 -2.2690E-006 0.0001102 5.8454E-005 7.2796E-005 4.9912E-005 1.1873E-005 9.908E-005 5.2253E-005 7.2547E-005 4.5022E-005 1.0468E-005 8.927E-005 4.6825E-005 6.4831E-005 3.9790E-005 1.1602E-005 8.025E-005 4.2413E-005 5.7403E-005 3.7746E-005 1.3163E-005 7.102E-005 3.6472E-005 5.6802E-005 3.3759E-005 0.000011238 6.293E-005 2.9995E-005 5.7284E-005 3.3671E-005 1.0529E-005 6.305E-005 0.000027805 5.2552E-005 3.0648E-005 8.7488E-006 5.767E-005 2.3080E-005 3.9876E-005 2.7644E-005 8.1223E-006 5.185E-005 2.0549E-005 3.5935E-005 3.2205E-005 0.000005013 4.825E-005 1.7996E-005 2.9437E-005 2.9481E-005 4.3786E-006 4.646E-005 1.5384E-005 0.000025985 2.6586E-005 0.000003679 4.315E-005 7.2208E-006 1.7588E-005 0.000026527 3.0169E-006 4.143E-005 6.2051E-006 1.5685E-005 2.3783E-005 3.4134E-006 3.617E-005 1.4134E-005 1.0926E-005 0.0000275 6.4913E-006 4.226E-005 1.8166E-005 1.6724E-005 0.000031852 1.6777E-005 5.105E-005 3.6384E-005 3.3129E-005 3.0093E-005 1.7375E-005 4.691E-005 3.4283E-005 3.0949E-005 0.000026959 1.4899E-005 4.367E-005 3.9479E-005 3.3205E-005 3.6146E-005 0.000009188 4.952E-005 3.1901E-005 2.3529E-005 3.3450E-005 9.0377E-006 4.444E-005 2.8602E-005 2.1632E-005 3.0483E-005 6.4487E-006 4.069E-005 2.2633E-005 1.6122E-005 0.000028623 4.4332E-006 3.661E-005 2.0386E-005 1.2567E-005 2.6725E-005 3.9103E-006 3.727E-005 1.7991E-005 1.1051E-005 3.3448E-005 -2.6201E-006 4.239E-005 1.0409E-005 -4.7604E-006 2.8038E-005 -0.00000742 3.971E-005 1.3191E-005 -2.0786E-006 2.8011E-005 -3.9319E-006 5.182E-005 2.7773E-005 1.4189E-005 2.5729E-005 -0.000003571 4.627E-005 2.5019E-0...
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