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892e 005 4398e 005 00001284 2336e 005 4922e 005 4233e

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Unformatted text preview: 2.118E-005 4.430E-005 3.814E-005 0.0001068 2.557E-005 4.606E-005 4.260E-005 9.647E-005 2.313E-005 4.492E-005 3.858E-005 9.732E-005 2.109E-005 4.103E-005 3.499E-005 9.651E-005 1.964E-005 4.761E-005 4.359E-005 8.923E-005 1.895E-005 4.753E-005 5.131E-005 8.093E-005 1.730E-005 4.286E-005 4.619E-005 7.656E-005 1.564E-005 3.857E-005 4.242E-005 7.257E-005 2.318E-005 3.503E-005 4.278E-005 7.210E-005 2.094E-005 3.224E-005 3.868E-005 6.492E-005 1.888E-005 3.171E-005 3.589E-005 6.077E-005 1.756E-005 3.084E-005 3.275E-005 5.921E-005 1.945E-005 2.925E-005 3.431E-005 6.048E-005 1.751E-005 2.938E-005 3.480E-005 9.065E-005 1.578E-005 2.646E-005 3.195E-005 8.243E-005 1.590E-005 2.492E-005 3.047E-005 7.440E-005 1.442E-005 2.243E-005 4.023E-005 6.720E-005 1.822E-005 3.514E-005 6.642E-005 6.056E-005 1.818E-005 3.261E-005 6.407E-005 5.481E-005 1.663E-005 2.941E-005 5.767E-005 6.108E-005 1.859E-005 2.662E-005 5.234E-005 5.508E-005 1.674E-005 2.533E-005 4.711E-005 5.240E-005 1.545E-005 2.332E-005 4.865E-005 5.028E-005 1.894E-005 2.114E-005 4.446E-005 7.303E-005 1.781E-005 0.0000239 4.416E-005 6.653E-005 1.798E-005 2.313E-005 3.985E-005 6.228E-005 1.707E-005 3.093E-005 5.024E-005 5.804E-005 1.581E-005 2.825E-005 4.598E-005 0.0001039 1.424E-005 2.543E-005 4.146E-005 9.354E-005 1.284E-005 2.754E-005 3.747E-005 9.729E-005 1.299E-005 2.863E-005 4.708E-005 0.0001003 2.835E-005 3.960E-005 6.486E-005 9.945E-005 2.566E-005 3.724E-005 5.839E-005 8.987E-005 2.863E-005 4.294E-005 7.254E-005 0.0001003 2.578E-005 4.207E-005 7.521E-005 0.0001055 2.372E-005 3.990E-005 8.677E-005 9.576E-005 2.676E-005 3.821E-005 8.449E-005 8.631E-005 2.560E-005 3.793E-005 9.047E-005 7.822E-005 2.337E-005 3.418E-005 8.171E-005 7.460E-005 2.166E-005 3.534E-005 7.639E-005 7.103E-005 2.005E-005 3.297E-005 6.884E-005 6.507E-005 1.834E-005 2.981E-005 6.845E-005 6.306E-005 1.661E-005 2.686E-005 6.161E-005 6.117E-005 1.495E-005 2.762E-005 6.361E-005 5.615E-005 1.995E-005 2.814E-005 6.104E-005 5.720E-005 1.849E-005 2.797E-005 5.832E-005 5.404E-005 1.666E-005 2.557E-005 5.290E-005 4.943E-005 1.557E-005 2.787E-005 5.440E-005 5.641E-005 1.405E-005 2.515E-005 5.188E-005 7.025E-005 1.382E-005 2.321E-005 4.675E-005 6.370E-005 1.638E-005 2.100E-005 5.257E-005 5.845E-005 3.313E-005 2.685E-005 7.222E-005 5.966E-005 2.987E-005 2.421E-005 6.514E-005 5.388E-005 2.782E-005 2.283E-005 5.886E-005 4.850E-005 2.524E-005 3.187E-005 5.647E-005 4.915E-005 2.710E-005 4.001E-005 6.136E-005 6.705E-005 2.462E-005 3.749E-005 5.603E-005 6.766E-005 2.258E-005 3.701E-005 5.358E-005 9.025E-005 2.375E-005 4.600E-005 8.665E-005 8.501E-005 2.245E-005 4.160E-005 7.818E-005 9.340E-005 2.065E-005 3.884E-005 7.252E-005 9.133E-005 1.861E-005 3.528E-005 6.810E-005 8.337E-005 1.680E-005 3.184E-005 6.143E-005 7.906E-005 1.512E-005 3.053E-005 6.682E-005 7.237E-005 1.856E-005 2.839E-005 6.401E-005 6.945E-005 1.876E-005 2.577E-005 5.768E-005 6.259E-005 2.181E-005 4.280E-005 6.469E-005 5.955E-005 2.855E-005 4.371E-005 6.084E-005 5.438E-005 2.585E-005 4.368E-00...
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