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PTSD - TRAUMATIC 3 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Imagine...

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TRAUMATIC 3 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Imagine the worst thing you can think of: mortal combat, being help at gunpoint, living in a world of terminal illness. Unfortunately, people often don’t just experience this once, they live it repeatedly throughout their lives. This is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a devastating illness that affects millions of people. So devastating that people have trouble forming and keeping relationships, holding careers, and living normal lives. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has a long history of being misunderstood. During the Civil War, what we know as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was called Soldiers Heart. It has been knows for a long time that this type of disorder existed. At the end of the Nineteenth and the beginning of the Twentieth centuries, railway disasters, the World Wars, the Holocaust, atom bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki prompted systematic descriptions of the symptoms associated with traumatic stress reactions. (Kar Ray) During this time, titles such as “shell-shock,” combat neurosis,” and “survivor syndrome” were given to the disorder. “Charcot, Janet, Freud and Breurer suggested that psychological trauma caused hysterical symptoms, but their views were not widely
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TRAUMATIC 4 accepted. Most opined that a traumatic event in itself was not sufficient because of post trauma symptoms.” (Kar Ray) Then the Vietnam war prompted people to turn their attention to this growing problem with their friends and family members. As a matter of fact, 20% of Vietnam veterans are sufferers. (Bende) During this time PTSD became a legitimate disorder. Doctors and Psychologists discovered an important finding about PTSD: it can develop from even the most mentally sound people.
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