Lecture 1

Example of a theory low selfesteem feeds depression

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Unformatted text preview: aits Studies how we interact with each other Psychology’s Subfields (Examples) Applied Research Clinical Psychology Counseling Psychology Community Psychology Assess & treat mental disorders Help people cope with challenges/crises Create healthy environments, both social and/or physical Module 3: Research Strategies: How Psychologists Ask and Answer Ques9ons GePng to the truth: The Scien9fic Method The scien9fic method is the process of tes9ng our ideas about the world by: If the data don’t fit our ideas, then we modify our ideas, and test again. Theory: the big picture A theory, in the language of science, is a set of principles, built on observa%ons and other verifiable facts, that explains some phenomenon and predicts its future behavior. Example of a theory: “Low self ­esteem feeds depression.” Hypotheses: informed predic9ons A hypothesis is a testable predic%on consistent with our theory. “Testable” means that the hypothesis is stated in a way that we could make observa9ons to find out if it is true. What would be a predic5on from the “Self ­ esteem feeds depression” theory? One hypothesis: “People with low self ­esteem will score higher on a depression scale.” Opera9onal Defini9ons A statement of the procedures (opera9ons) used to define research variables. Opera9onal Defini9ons: Impulsivity = # of 9mes/hour E.g., When measuring calling out without raising ADHD symptoms, hand. researchers might want to Hyperac9vity = # of 9mes/hour measure impulsivity, out of seat hyperac9vi9y, and InaPen9on = # minutes inaPen9on in their con9nuously on task before becoming distracted subjects. The next/final step in the scien9fic method: replica5on Replica9ng research means trying it again using the same opera9onal defini9ons of the concepts and procedures. Keeps science honest! Research Process: the depression...
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