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Unformatted text preview: a drug... Aversive condiAoning can associate the drug with a [email protected] response. Operant CondiAoning Therapy Operant [email protected] refers to the shaping of chosen behavior in response to the consequences of the behavior. Behavior modificaAon refers to shaping a client’s chosen behavior to look more like a desired behavior, by making sure that desired behaviors are rewarded and [email protected] behaviors are unrewarded or punished. ApplicaAons of Operant CondiAoning Applied behavioral analysis/applicaAon is used with nonverbal children with [email protected] It rewards behaviors such as signg with someone or making eye contact, and [email protected] punishes self ­ harming behaviors. A token economy uses coins, stars, or other indirect rewards as “tokens” that can be collected and traded later for real rewards. CriAques of Behavior Therapy Does it work? And when it does, do the changes [email protected], without insights and other changes to hold the...
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