For example now that ive failed my exam ive failed as

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Unformatted text preview: about their lives, or at least point out when clients jump to conclusions that make them feel worse. Schools of CogniAve Therapy Albert Ellis’s raAonal ­emoAve behavior therapy – challenging irra@onal beliefs and assump@ons Aaron Beck’s cogniAve therapy for depression – correc@ng cogni@ve distor@ons RaAonal ­EmoAve Behavior Therapy Albert Ellis showed how depression is worsened by irra;onal beliefs. These include depressing assump@ons about the world such as “everyone should like me” or “I should never do anything wrong.” RaAonal ­EmoAve Behavior Therapy [REBT] helps people: 1) no;ce that they are opera;ng on self ­ defea;ng assump;ons, and 2) reward themselves for replacing these assump@ons with realis@c beliefs. For example, a more realis@c belief might be, “some people won’t like me, many will have no opinion; it doesn’t maHer.” Aaron Beck’s Therapy for Depressio...
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