Humanisac therapy ahempts to support personal growth

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Unformatted text preview: less focused on insight, and more on rela@onal behavior change and symptom relief. The focus is less on the past, and more on current feelings and rela@onships including the interac@on with the therapist. HumanisAc Therapies HumanisAc psychology (Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers) emphasizes the human poten@al for growth, self ­actualiza@on, and personal fulfillment. HumanisAc therapy aHempts to support personal growth by helping people gain self ­awareness and self ­acceptance. “Client ­centered therapy” is Carl Rogers’s name for his style of humanis@c therapy. HumanisAc vs. PsychoanalyAc Therapy Goal HumanisAc psychotherapy Promote growth PsychoanalyAc psychotherapy Cure mental illness How to improve Take responsibility for feelings and ac@ons Bring unconscious conflicts into conscious awareness Role of therapist Provide an environment Provide interpreta@ons (e.g. in which growth can of dreams, resistance and occur transference) Content of C...
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