If you have been condioned to fear stores because you

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Unformatted text preview: ody and thoughts?” 3.Reflect Feelings “It seems like you are disappointed; am I right?” Behavior Therapy [email protected], insight is not helpful to recover from some mental health problems. The client might know the right changes to make, but finds that it’s hard to change actual behavior. Behavior therapy uses the principles of learning, especially classical and operant [email protected], to help reduce unwanted responses. These might include behaviors such as [email protected], or [email protected] such as panic. Classical CondiAoning Techniques CountercondiAoning refers to linking new, [email protected] responses to previously aversive [email protected] If you have been [email protected] to fear stores because you have had panic aHacks there, you could be led into a store and then helped with relaxaAon exercises. The goal is to associate stores with [email protected], a state [email protected] with fear. Exposure Therapy A [email protected] fear can worsen when avoidance of t...
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