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Unformatted text preview: ings InterpretaAon: the therapist suggests unconscious meanings and underlying wishes to help the client gain insight and release tension InterpretaAon in Psychoanalysis The therapist may see unconscious meaning in resistance, dreams, and transference. Resistance: the therapist no@ces @mes when the pa@ent seems blocked in speaking about certain subjects Dreams: there may be themes or “latent content” behind the plot of a pa@ent’s dream Transference: the pa@ent may have reac@ons toward the therapist that are actually based on feelings toward someone from the past Psychodynamic Therapy Less intensive version of psychoanalysis Fewer sessions per week and fewer years Less theory about sex, id, and superego The focus is on improved self ­awareness and insight into unconscious thoughts and feelings which may be rooted in past rela@onships. In addi@on to insight, therapists suggest changes in paHerns of thinking and rela@ng to others. Interpersonal Therapy A further extension of psychoanalysis The goal is...
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