By inhibing reuptake dry mouth conspaon and reduced

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Unformatted text preview: alone. Self ­Help Groups Self ­help groups are led by group members instead of a therapist. They can be much larger than group therapy, with less interac@on. The focus is more on support rather than on working on goals during the group session. Module 54: The Biomedical Therapies Biomedical Therapies Interven@ons in the brain and body can affect mood and behavior. Biomedical therapies refer to physically changing the brain’s func)oning by altering its chemistry with medica)ons, or affec)ng its circuitry with electrical or magne)c impulses or surgery. Drug (MedicaAon) Therapies Psychopharmacology refers to the study of drug effects on behavior, mood, and the mind. Types of MedicaAon AnApsychoAc Reduces the symptoms of schizophrenia, What they especially “posi@ve” do symptoms such as hallucina@ons and delusions How they work AnAanxiety AnAdepressant Temporarily reduces worried thinking and physical agita@on; might permanently er...
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