More interacon feedback and support clients realize

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Unformatted text preview: n Aaron Beck helped people see how their depression was worsened by errors in thinking such as catastrophizing, (interpre@ng current events as signs of the worst possible outcome). For example: “Now that I’ve failed my exam, I’ve failed as a student. People will think I am stupid, and they won’t want to be my friends anymore. I will be lonely forever.” Beck’s style of therapy helps clients no@ce and challenge these errors in thinking. CogniAve Behavioral Therapy CogniAve behavioral therapy [CBT] works to change both cogni@ons and behaviors that are part of a mental health disorder. Using cogni@ve behavioral therapy, people with OCD are led to resist the urge to act on their compulsions, as well as to learn to manage obsessional thinking. Family Therapy Having a session with the whole family, at home or in the office, allows the therapist to work on the family system, that is, the family’s paEerns of alliances, authority, and communica)on. A related modality is couples/marital therapy. Group Therapy Group therapy assembles about six to nine people with related needs into a group, facilitated by a therapist, to work on therapeu@c goals together. The benefits include: less cost per person. more interac@on, feedback, and support. clients realize others share their problems and they are not...
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