Virtual reality therapy this involves exposure to

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Unformatted text preview: he feared [email protected] gets reinforced by a quick [email protected] in anxiety. Guided exposure to the feared [email protected] can reverse this reinforcement by [email protected] for anxiety to subside during the exposure. The person can habituate to (get used to) the anxiety itself, and then the feared [email protected] What mistake is Professor Gallagher making here? Hint: systema;c desensi;za;on might have been more eff[email protected], though less [email protected] Versions of Exposure Therapy [email protected], exposure to the feared [email protected] is too anxiety ­ provoking or [email protected] In those cases, you can use: systemaAc desensiAzaAon. Beginning with a )ny reminder of the feared situa)on, keep increasing the exposure intensity as the person learns to tolerate the previous level. virtual reality therapy. This involves exposure to simula)ons, such as flying (below) or snakes. Aversive CondiAoning When a person has been [email protected] to have a [email protected] [email protected] with...
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