Adjust neurotransmiers with medica7on 2 increase

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Unformatted text preview: ar, 1 million people commit suicide, giving up on the process of trying to cope and improve their emo7onal well ­being. This can happen when people feel frustrated, trapped, isolated, ineffec7ve, and see no end to these feelings. Non ­suicidal self ­injury has other func7ons such as sending a message, or self ­punishment. Understanding Mood Disorders Biological aspects and explana9ons Social ­cogni9ve aspects and explana9ons Evolu7onary Gene7c Brain /Body Nega7ve thoughts and nega7ve mood Explanatory style The vicious cycle An Evolu9onary Perspec9ve on the Biology of Depression Depression, in its milder, non ­ disordered form, may have had survival value. Under stress, depression is social ­emo7onal hiberna7on. It allows humans to: conserve energy. avoid conflicts and other risks. let go of una>ainable goals. take 7me to contemplate. Biology of Depression: Gene9cs Evidence of gene7c influence on depression: 1.DNA li...
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