Distress when you are deeply frustrated with not

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Unformatted text preview: rforming. Obsessive ­Compulsive Disorder [OCD] Obsessions are intense, unwanted worries, ideas, and images that repeatedly pop up in the mind. A compulsion is a repeatedly strong feeling of “needing” to carry out an ac7on, even though it doesn’t feel like it makes sense. When is it a “disorder”? Distress: when you are deeply frustrated with not being able to control the behaviors or Dysfunc7on: when the 7me and mental energy spent on these thoughts and behaviors interfere with everyday life Common OCD Behaviors Percentage of children and adolescents with OCD repor7ng these obsessions or compulsions: Common pa>ern: RECHECKING Although you know that you’ve already made sure the door is locked, you feel you must check again. And again. Post ­Trauma9c Stress Disorder [PTSD] About 10 to 35 percent of people who experience trauma not only have burned ­in memories, but also four weeks to a life7me of: repeated intrusive recall of those memories. nightmares and other re ­ experiencing. social withdrawal or phobic avoidance. jumpy anxiety or hypervigilance. insomnia or sleep problems. Which People get PTSD? Those with less control in the situa7on Those trauma7zed more frequently Those with brain differences Those who have less resiliency Those who get re ­trauma7zed Resilience and Post ­ Trauma9c Growth Resilience/recovery aaer trauma may include: some lingering, but not overwhelming, stress. finding strengths in yourself. finding connec7on with others. finding hope. seeing the trauma as a challenge that can be overcome. seeing yourself as a survivor. Understanding Anxiety Disorders: Explana.ons from Different Perspec.ves Classical condi9oning: overgeneralizing a condi7oned response Observa9onal learning: worrying like mom Operant condi9oning: rewarding avoidance Cogni9ve appraisals: uncertainty is danger Evolu9onary: surv...
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