Some speculate that the depressive periods gave them

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Unformatted text preview: . Seasonal affec7ve disorder involves a recurring seasonal pa>ern of depression, usually during winter’s short, dark, cold days. Survey: “Have you cried today”? Result: More people answer “yes” in winter. DSM ­V: No longer a unique mood disorder; seasonal qualifier Percentage who cried Men Women August 4 7 December 8 21 Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder was once called “manic ­depressive disorder.” Bipolar disorder’s two polar opposite moods are depression and mania. Mania refers to a period of hyper ­elevated mood that is euphoric, giddy, easily irritated, hyperac4ve, impulsive, overly op4mis4c, and even grandiose. Contras9ng Symptoms Depressed mood: stuck feeling Mania: euphoric, giddy, easily “down,” with: irritated, with: exaggerated pessimism exaggerated op7mism social withdrawal hypersociality and sexuality lack of felt pleasure delight in everything inac7vity and no ini7a7ve impulsivity and overac7vity difficulty focusing racing thoughts; the mind fa7gue and excessive desire to won’t se>le down sleep li>le desire for sleep Bipolar Disorder and Crea9ve Success Many famous and successful people have lived with the ups and downs of bipolar disorder. Some speculate that the depressive periods gave them ideas, and the manic episodes gave them crea7ve energy. Any evidence of mood swings here? Understanding Mood Disorders Why are mood disorders so pervasive, and more common among the young, and especially among women? Why Does Depression Have so Many Symptoms? Understanding Mood Disorders Can we explain… why do most depressive episodes oaen go away on their own? the course/development of reac7ve depression? Oaen, 7me heals a mood disorder, especially when the mood issue is in reac7on to a stressful event. However, a significant propor7on of people with major depressive disorder do not automa7cally or easily get be>er with 7me. Suicide and Self ­Injury Every ye...
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