Quiz 3 NMP 2620 SP13

N hno3 1 equiv conc h2so4 o n 0 c n cl2 acoh 25 c nh2

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Unformatted text preview: ent. N HNO3 (1 equiv.) conc. H2SO4 O N 0 °C N Cl2 AcOH 25 °C NH2 N HCl + N 0 °C NH2 I H II III IV Li Be V VI VII B C N O F Na Mg AI Si P S Cl K Ca Your Total Score Se Br I out of 20 pts 4 CHEM 2620 – SP13 January 30th, 2013 Quiz 3 Your Name Your Section The carbon fluorine bond is the most polar single bond in Organic Chemistry and its properties are responsible for the non stick effects of Teflon™. However, fluoride is has been established as a poor leaving group in the SN2 mechanism of substitution, which is well understood to be greatly facilitated by nucleophile strength, low steric hindrance, and a relative the E2 mechanism. Two Mechanisms. Wha...
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