How would i rewrite the function header for

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Unformatted text preview: ers a correct value, getGallons prints either the user entered value or the default value. An appropriate printed message might be “returning 15.7 gallons”. Make sure that this message gets printed, even if the specification is later changed so that the InputMismatchException gets rethrown. 4. Returns the number of gallons (either the user- provided value or the default value). b. Suppose that instead of catching and handling the InputMismatchException, that I want to have the calling function handle it. Although I’m not required to, I would like my function to be a good citizen and declare to the compiler that it is not going to handle the InputMismatchException. How would I rewrite the function header for getGallons? 4. (16 points) Write a Java template class named Label...
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