Write a java method named getgallons that takes a

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Unformatted text preview: sm? d. Why would a programmer declare a function to be abstract? e. What is the difference between protected and package- level access in Java? f. Why does Java require a fully qualified package name in order to invoke a class stored in a package? g. Name 2 advantages of modern exception handlers (you can use one sentence for each advantage) 3. (21 points) Exception handling: a. Write a Java method named getGallons that takes a Scanner object as a parameter and does the following: 1. Asks the user to input gallons as a floating point number and uses the Scanner object to read it (use the nextDouble method). 2. Catches an InputMismatchException if the user enters something other than a double and sets the number of gallons to the default value of 10 3. Regardless of whether or not the user ent...
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