A b c d land 5500000 5525000 5580000 none

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Unformatted text preview: for land & buildings? a. b. c. d. Land $ 5,500,000 $ 5,525,000 $ 5,580,000 None of the above Building $ 4,600,000 $ 4,655,000 $ 4,610,000 3 ACCT201 Q6. Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE? a. b. c. d. Any departures from the Code of Corporate Governance are to be fully disclosed and explained within a corporate governance statement The majority of the members of the audit committee must be independent directors The roles of chairman of the Board of Directors and chief executive officer should in principle be separate None of the above Q7. Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE? a. b. c. d. Q8. a. b. c. d. Singaporean incorporated companies using US GAAP must seek waiver of compliance with the Accounting Standards from the Registrar of Companies or have their financial statements qualified by their auditors. The cost of goods sold cannot be determined for a manufacturing company if it uses the income statement based on classification of expenses by nature. The SGX listing manual requires all listed firms to disclosed the actual amounts paid for directors’ remuneration Basic earnings per share figures are required for all l...
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