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3 lgst101 liew lian is extremely captivated by the

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Unformatted text preview: u want to buy it?” 3 LGST101 Liew Lian is extremely captivated by the artistic appeal of the instrument but she also knows that her daughter Cherry (a fairly accomplished violinist who has been playing the violin since she was six years old) will truly appreciate a Stradivarius. With RT’s permission, she brings the instrument home for Cherry to have a go at it. Suitably impressed with the sound quality, Cherry is convinced, after some practice sessions, that the instrument is indeed a Stradivarius and insists that her mother buys it for her as a gift. A week later, Liew Lian happily buys the violin from RT at the very special price of S$100,000 (all paid in cash upfront). However, not long after the purchase, Cherry sends the violin in for repair after suspecting that one of the “internal” parts may have come loose. The repairer opens up the soundboard to investigate, whereupon Cherry notices these words engraved on the inside of the violin: ‘Made by Counter-Feat Strings Pte Ltd, 199...
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