As she did not like pearls at all liew lian had one

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Unformatted text preview: aunt. As she did not like pearls at all, Liew Lian had, one week prior to the disaster at Banana Bank, entered into a contract to sell the pearls to Apple Khor at the price of $10,000. Apple had paid a deposit of $5,000 with the balance $5,000 to be paid upon delivery of the pearls a month later. Now that the safe deposit box and its contents have been destroyed, advise Liew Lian on her contractual liability towards Apple, if any. (15%) Question 4 Some days after this unfortunate bank incident, Liew Lian attends a housewarming party at the residence of Rambo Tan (“RT”), one of her close doctor friends. She spots an exquisite-looking violin displayed in the hallway with beautiful ornamental craftsmanship which she immediately recognises as the work of the 17th century Italian master named Bertolucci. When asked, RT replied: “I’m not so sure about the Bertolucci artwork but all I can tell you is that this is one of the last few remaining 17th century Stradivarius violins around. Why, do yo...
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