Exemption and exclusion of liabilities the bank shall

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Unformatted text preview: XEMPTION AND EXCLUSION OF LIABILITIES The Bank shall not be responsible to the Hirer for any loss or damage in respect of the contents of the Box howsoever caused or arising.” (15%) 2 LGST101 Question 2 Cherry is also very upset about the destruction of the tile which her mother, Liew Lian, had placed in safekeeping in Banana Bank’s safe deposit box. Her distress is more than emotional. As part of her grandparents’ will, Cherry would have inherited $250,000 in her own right if, upon turning 24, she is given the tile by her mother. As it is now impossible for the condition in her grandparents’ will to be satisfied, Cherry wants Banana Bank to take responsibility for her loss. Advise Cherry as to whether Banana Bank would owe her a duty of care under the tort of negligence. (You are not required to discuss issues relating to breach of duty and resulting damage in your answer.) (20%) Question 3 Amongst the contents of the safe deposit box was a string of rare South Sea pearls that Liew Lian inherited from her...
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