The roof tile though virtually worthless to anyone

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Unformatted text preview: tile, though virtually worthless to anyone else, is of especial importance to her as her parents had provided in their will that Liew Lian’s inheritance of their assets (worth some $2 million) was conditioned upon her keeping the said tile until her oldest child, Cherry, reaches the age of 24 (Cherry is currently 23 years old). Unfortunately, Liew Lian has just been informed by Banana Bank that the safe deposit box hired by her has, together with all its contents, been accidentally destroyed. The blunder is caused by the Bank’s inadvertence in sending the wrong boxes to the scrapyard for destruction. Liew Lian is distraught upon hearing the news. (a) Advise Liew Lian as to whether she can bring an action against Banana Bank for breach of contract and, if so, what remedies she is entitled to. (25%) (b) How would your answer to (a) be different if the following clause appeared on the back of the application form signed by Liew Lian as part of Banana Bank’s terms and conditions with respect to the safe deposit services? “E...
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