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Contract for services by august 2000 it was apparent

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Unformatted text preview: ablished case law. Contract for Services By August 2000, it was apparent that Koh’s health was deteriorating rapidly and it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to do simple household chores like laundry, sweeping and mopping. Bo took pity on the old man and he told Koh that he would personally handle all the household chores for him on a weekly basis for a flat -2- LGST101 fee of $200 for a year. Koh was so touched by this kind gesture that he immediately handed over $200 in cash to Bo. At the same time, Koh reminded Bo to take special care of the rare orchid plant which he had painstakingly cultivated over the years and which a rich businessman had agreed to buy from him for $10,000. Unfortunately, after turning up for some three weeks, Bo became too caught up with his other commitments that he stopped coming over soon after. Koh (a hard-headed person) however persisted in trying to contact Bo but this was to no avail. Over time, Koh’s home deteriorated into an unbearable and uninhabitable state and his prized orchid plant also began to wither. Koh is now counter-claiming against Bo for damages for breach of contract, which include, inter alia, the loss of profits arising from the proposed sale of his orchid plant. I regret that I am unable to allow Koh’s counter-claim in full. Firstly, the loss of profits arising from the proposed sale of his orchid plant is not, in my view, a loss which arises naturally. Further, Bo’s failure to perform his part of the obligations under the contract amounte...
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