However chu in his hurry had failed to discover an

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Unformatted text preview: nformed her that the building was generally safe and that no essential repairs were necessary. However, Chu, in his hurry, had failed to discover an obvious structural defect in one of the bedrooms. Feeling assured, Margaret immediately purchased the house from the current owner for a hefty $4 million. Her happiness was however short-lived. About 3 months after moving into her new home, huge and dangerous-looking cracks started to appear in the walls and ceiling. An upset Margaret had to incur additional expenses by engaging outside contractors to patch up her walls and ceiling quickly, but just as one defect was rectified by the workers, a new one started to surface elsewhere. In view of all this hassle, she eventually decided to sell the bungalow to a third party for a mere $3 million. Margaret was recently informed by an expert that the structural defects in her home were likely to be attributable to the shoddy construction work of PDK Pte Ltd, the developers for the housing project. Advise Margaret as to her rights, if any, against (1) Chu; and (2) PDK Pte Ltd. - END OF PAPER - -5-...
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