However loveboat does not operate on saturdays that

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Unformatted text preview: ox by the mail man. However, Loveboat does not operate on Saturdays. That afternoon, a fire starts on Loveboat’s premises because of poor maintenance of Loveboat’s diesel refuelling point. Although it spares the administrative offices, it razes the boat-mooring area, and almost all the Loveboats are destroyed. The only 2 Loveboats which survive are Loveboat 3 and Loveboat 12. The fire is spotted by a neighbour who alerts the fire department but, unfortunately, they are too late. The Sunday Times news team, however, manages to get some good pictures of the devastation. 17 November 2002 (Sunday). The Sunday Times runs a story on the fire at Loveboat Pte. Ltd. and reports that the authorities have NOT ruled out foul play, although their investigations revealed that the maintenance of the mooring area and the boats themselves left much to be desired. The news story reports that apart from Loveboat 3 and Loveboat 12 (which are clearly identifiable in the accompanying photos), all of Loveboat’s other boats have been destroyed. Paul reads this story. Although initially alarmed, he decides not to worry and assumes that Loveboat Pte. Ltd. will allocate the remaining $300/day boat (Loveboat 3) to him. 18 November 2002. Sorting through Loveboat’s mail after this disaster, Larry finds Paul’s acknowledgement slip. After double-checking the booking diary Larry realizes there is a problem with providing Paul with a boat for 1 – 5 December since Loveboat 1 has been destroyed, and the surviving Loveboat 3 has already been earmarked for another customer for those days. All is not lost, however, and Loveboat 3 is available on Christmas Day. Loveboat 12 also remains available for both periods (not surprisingly, since it was such an expensive boat to hire). Larry faxes Paul that as the allocated boat (Loveboat 1) has been destroyed by the fire, Loveboat is no longer obliged to supply any boat for 1 – 5 December. On the other hand, they are willing to rent Loveboat 12 to him at the “promotio...
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