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Ltd andor its representatives shall constitute any

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Unformatted text preview: ntract. No other statements, representations or any other form of oral or written communication from Yee Zee Holidays Pte. Ltd. and/or its representatives shall constitute any term of this contract. Since the booking excludes airfare, Polly consults YZ’s representative about flight bookings as well. Polly always flies on Singa Air (“SA”) whenever she can. Again, just 4 LGST101 relying on the Willow Tree Resort Grand Opening brochure , the YZ representative tells Polly that only Ka Put Air (“KPA”) flies to directly to Long Island from Singapore. Polly walks over to the KPA booth and books a KPA return flight to Long Island, paying KPA $1,500 for the airfare. Relieved that everything has been settled, Polly leaves the travel fair. Unfortunately for Polly, her holiday turns out to be a disaster. On arrival on Long Island (which is on the east coast of the United States), temperatures in early April turn out to be very cold – hovering at around 10 degrees Celsius in the day, and dropping down to 2 degrees Celsius in the evenings. This is typical for Long Island at this time of year. Polly is extremely sensitive to cold because of a serious lung infection from two years previously, and succumbs to a life-threatening bout of pneumonia. After receiving treatment, she is in bed for the entire duration of the holiday and cannot enjoy any of the facilities of the resort. Needless to say, even if she had been well, with the temperature being so cold, it would have been impossible to enjoy the outdoor bath, much less have an outdoor massage. As for the personal lap-pool, it turns out to be unheated - the resort concierge tells Polly that although the original design included heated water for the lap pool, when the developer wanted to install heaters, the local council refused permission, saying that this would cause an adverse environmental impact. After a miserably cold week where Polly battles for her life and incurs an astonishingly high medical bill for the doctor and the medication ($24,000 in total), Polly is really looking forward to flying home to Singapore. On the last ni...
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