Paul has been the victim of junk mail so he

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Unformatted text preview: 888. Paul has been the victim of junk mail, so he practically never checks his post-box, which is why he asks Loveboat to reply to him by fax. 5 November 2002. Larry, the sole proprietor of Loveboat, receives and reads Paul’s letter. He checks the booking diary and notes that Loveboat 1, 2 and 3 are all available for the dates requested by Paul. Larry prepares the following reply: I refer to your letter. Your booking for the two periods is confirmed. Please also see our website at for our detailed terms and conditions which include our standard terms as well as other important details and contact us to confirm the exact time when you want to pick up the boats. Larry sends this reply via the post to Paul’s address on his letterhead. 14 November 2002. 9 days pass, and Loveboat does not receive any communication from Paul. As business is still slow, Larry decides to do some follow-up work and reviews Paul’s letter again. This time, he notices that Paul has indicated a fax number in his letter, so Larry faxes the following note to Paul: Your boat booking for the two periods is confirmed. We have reserved Loveboat 1 for you for both periods, and as promised in our advertisement, we will send you the free $100 dining voucher once you have paid the full hire fee. In fact, since you are one of the 1st 10 customers to have indicated interest in our promotion, we are revising our offer to include an additional $100 dining voucher if you indicate that everything is agreeable with you by sending us the following acknowledgement slip, indicating the exact pick up time for the boats, within the next 7 days. 15 November 2002. Paul receives and reads Loveboat’s 14 November fax. Paul immediately fills in Loveboat’s acknowledgement slip, indicating he wants to pick up the boats at 7 am for both bookings, and posts it to Loveboat on the same day. 2 LGST101 16 November 2002 (Saturday). Paul’s acknowledgement slip is dropped into Loveboat’s office post-b...
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