Unfortunately this is the first time dan has

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Unformatted text preview: ng day, Pat calls Dan and tells him to install the latest “SuperFork”-brand suspension front fork to Tina’s bike and agrees to pay $400 for the parts and labour involved. Unfortunately, this is the first time Dan has installed this model of suspension fork and he leaves out one of the screws. Not knowing about this problem, Tina drops by to take her re-fitted bike out for a ride at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve mountain bike trail. As she rides over the bumpy trail, the fork suddenly loosens from the handlebars and Tina loses control. Tina’s bike is seriously damaged but she manages to wheel it to a bike shop near the trail where she is told the repairs will come up to $2,000. As she is so upset, she forgets that she is supposed to take a conference call from a potential Japanese client that evening at home and stays at the shop until the repairs to her bike are completed. As a result of missing the call, Tina’s company loses this client, and her employer decides to halve her annual bonus. a) Advise Tina as to her legal remedies in tort and in contract against Dan (25%); AND b) Advise Pat whether he still has to pay Dan for his work on Tina’s bike, and whether he has any substantial legal remedies against Dan. (15%). - End of Paper - 6...
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