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Amidst all the anxiety and frustration p started to

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Unformatted text preview: t but P refused to make use of them as they reminded her of bathing in her own bathroom at home. Amidst all the anxiety and frustration, P started to develop a migraine and soon became mentally anguished. Furthermore, P is extremely sensitive to cold weather and, as a result, she fell violently ill not long after. A doctor had to be specially called in to treat her, for which she had to incur an additional $1,000 (for consultation and medication). 4 LGST101 To make matters worse, P was informed on her last night at the resort that DDA had suddenly become insolvent and that all flights worldwide had been suspended with immediate effect. P desperately turned to the resort’s concierge for help and was surprised to learn that there were still seats available on AA’s return flight to Singapore from Tin Tin island. Unknown to P, AA had been operating daily return flights from Singapore to Tin Tin island for the past five years. P had no choice but to fork out an additional $2,000 for a one-way ticket from Tin Tin island to Singapore on AA. P has now come to you for advice as regards her rights, if any, against MT. (Note: You are not required to deal with any legal issues arising as between P and DDA.) OR Question 3 (A) Desparado (“D”) is a very wealthy but rather naive student at the Utopia Mismanagement University. He is infatuated with Boh Swee (“BS”), a Professor of Illegality at the university and who is supervising D’s final-year project thesis. BS told D one day that she had borrowed S$50,000 from Stupido Bank to buy a car for their “mutual enjoyment” and that she wanted D to act as guarantor for this sum. D obliged, but has recently been approached by an officer from Stupido Bank to pay the S$50,000 because BS had defaulted on the loan. Discuss the legal issues arising from this factual scenario. [50%] AND (B) “Their Lordships cite these judgments in other common law jurisdictions not to cast any doubt on Murphy’s case (viz. Murphy v Brentwood District Council [1991] 1 AC 398), but rather to illustrate the point that in this branch of the law more than one view is possible: there is no single correct answer.” (per Lord Lloyd of Berwick in the Privy Council decision of Invercargill City Council v Hamlin [1996] AC 624, 642). What are the two main schools of thought in “this branch of the law” and which, in your view, is the more applicable in Singapore? [50%] - END OF PAPER - 5...
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