The only two loveboats which survive are loveboat 3

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Unformatted text preview: e Loveboats are destroyed. The only two Loveboats which survive are Loveboat 3 and Loveboat 12. This incident attracts the attention of The Sunday Times news team, which manages to get some good pictures of the devastation. 17 November 2002 (Sunday). The Sunday Times runs a story on the fire at Loveboat Pte Ltd and reports that foul play has been ruled out by the investigating authorities. The story also reports that apart from Loveboat 3 and Loveboat 12 (which are clearly identifiable in the accompanying photos), all of Loveboat’s other vessels have been destroyed. Paul reads this story but decides not to worry about it, confident that Loveboat Pte Ltd would allocate him the surviving Loveboat 3. 18 November 2002. On returning to the office, Larry realises that there is now a problem with providing Paul with a boat for 1 – 5 December 2002 since the surviving Loveboat 3 has already been earmarked for another customer for that period. All is not lost, however, as Loveboat 3 is still available on Christmas Day. Loveboat 12 also remains available for both periods (not surprisingly, since it is such an expensive boat to hire). Larry therefore informs Paul by fax that as the boat allocated to him (Loveboat 1) has been destroyed by the fire, Loveboat is no longer obliged to supply him with a boat for 1 – 5 December 2002. They are however willing to supply Loveboat 3 to him at $100/day for the Christmas Day booking. Advise Paul as to his rights, if any, against Loveboat Pte Ltd. 3 LGST101 Question 2 Intending to go on a holiday in November 2002, Pearlima (“P”) visited the NATAS Travel Fair at Suntec City in September. She finally decided to book a holiday with Mah-Tee Holidays Pte Ltd (“MT”), a very successful and established tour agency which spees in beach resort packages. P was particularly captivated by the idyllic photographs of “Smurfy Resort” on Tin Tin island. The photographs revealed that the 5star resort was characterised by specially designed private villas, each comprising, inter alia, an indoor and...
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