Because liew lian trusts rambos aesthetic sense all

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Unformatted text preview: design. Because Liew Lian trusts Rambo’s aesthetic sense, all aspects of the design and fabrication of the earrings are left to Rambo’s discretion. The total contract price for the diamond, design, as well as the fabrication, workmanship, and 2 LGST101 additional materials, amounts to $20,000. However, upon learning of the disaster at the Bank, Liew Lian immediately calls Rambo to call off the contract, as she feels it is pointless to purchase the earrings now that the necklace has been destroyed. Aghast by and indignant at Liew Lian’s fickle-mindedness, Rambo decides to start work on the design of the earrings nonetheless. Three weeks later, he delivers the earrings to Liew Lian together with an invoice for $20,000. Advise Liew Lian if she is liable to pay the full invoiced price to Rambo. (15%) Part 3 Assume that amongst the contents of the safe deposit box was a string of rare South Sea pearls that Liew Lian inherited from her aunt. As she does not like pearls at all, Liew Lian has, one week prior to the disaster at Banana Bank, entered into a contract to sell the pearls to Apple Khor at the price of $10,000. Apple has paid a deposit of $5,000 with the balance $5,000 to be paid upon delivery of the pearls a month later when Apple returns from h...
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