Unfortunately liew lian has just been informed by

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Unformatted text preview: rtunately, Liew Lian has just been informed by Banana Bank that the safe deposit box hired by her has, together with all its contents, been accidentally destroyed. The blunder is caused by the Bank’s inadvertence in sending the wrong boxes to the scrapyard for destruction. Liew Lian is distraught upon hearing the news. She immediately cancels the 24th birthday bash that she has been planning for Cherry in the following month so as to concentrate on “strategising” her legal action against Banana Bank. (a) Advise Liew Lian whether she can claim against Banana Bank for breach of contract and what remedies she is entitled to, if any. (25%) (b) Would your answer to (a) be different if the following clause also appeared on the back of the application form signed by Liew Lian as part of Banana Bank’s terms and conditions with respect to the safe deposit services? “EXEMPTION AND EXCLUSION OF LIABILITIES The Bank shall not be responsible to the Hirer for any loss or damage in respect of the contents of the Box howsoever caused or arising.” (15%) Part 2 One day before the disaster at Banana Bank, Liew Lian enters into a contract with Rambo Tan to purchase a 3-karat black diamond. Under the agreement, it is also agreed that Rambo would create a design for a pair of earrings that matches the black diamond necklace kept in the safe deposit box, and will cut and set the 3-karat black diamond in accordance with the said...
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