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10 part b the party started as planned and the guests

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Unformatted text preview: B The party started as planned and the guests were suitably impressed by the food, drinks, and, in particular, the entertainment. After the first round of entertainment, and during the break, the fire-eater decided to rehearse his new fire-breathing trick in readiness for the second round of entertainment. Without checking to ensure that no one was too dangerously close by, he picked up his torch, lit it, filled his mouth with cheap vodka, and proceeded to spit it out towards his torch with great force. The flame that shot out set ablaze the wig of Dame Edna, a frail seventy-year-old guest nearby. Luckily, other guests managed to beat off the wig and douse the flames, but not before she suffered burns to her scalp. She also suffered severe mental trauma for the rest of the year and had to seek psychiatric treatment. Ada’s neighbour, Fifi, who had not been invited to the party, had been peeping enviously through a gap in the hedge separating their homes and witnessed the accident unfolding. Being rather fragile mentally, Fifi also suffered severe mental trauma requiring psychiatric care upon witnessing Dame Edna struggling with her head ablaze and hearing her blood-curdling screams. Advise the following parties: (i) Advise Dame Edna whether and from whom she can claim damages for loss and injury. (25%) (ii) Advise Fifi whether she would be able to claim her damages for loss and injury against the same parties. (5%) (Total: 50%) 3 LGST101 - End of Paper - 4...
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