It appears that the difference in height was due to

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Unformatted text preview: appears that the difference in height was due to an oversight of the supervisor at the factory. The international buyer, who happened to be at the fair at the very moment the coffee tables were delivered, saw them and was not impressed. He therefore cancelled his order. Advise DF as to: (i) whether and on what grounds they can sue WW; AND (25%) (ii) what would be the available remedies. (25%) (Note: For the purposes of this question, please ignore the provisions of the Sale of Goods Act) (Total: 50%) QUESTION 2 Ada was planning an exclusive party to celebrate her fortieth (40th) birthday. It was to be held from 7pm on her birthday night at the lush gardens of her home. She engaged Bonbons to cater the food and drinks for 50 people at $2,500. To entertain her guests, she hired Diablo, a performing group consisting of a snake-charmer, a fire-eater, a contortionist and a clown. They have agreed to provide the entertainment of the night for $8,000. 2 LGST101...
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