At the conclusion of their trip adrian and charlie

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Unformatted text preview: lly requested that Easy Travel ensures that their return flights bear ‘confirmed’ status. Easy Travel assures him that that will be done. At the conclusion of their trip, Adrian and Charlie arrive at the Mount Willow airport only to discover to their dismay, that the return flight is fully booked and only Adrian has a confirmed ticket home. As a result, Charlie is left stranded in Mount Willow for another week and incurs an additional expense of about $2,500 for food and lodging. Q4. Advise Charlie if he can bring an action against Easy Travel to recover his loss under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act. - oooooOooooo PART III (35%) – Answer Q5 in this Part OR both questions in Part II. Adrian is also very careful about his health, especially since he has to fly all around the world so often for his photography projects. Among other things, he is heavily insured, and his insurance company pays for medical check-ups to be conducted on him every quarter to make sure that there’s nothing medically wrong with him. 3 LGST101 Sometime in March 2003, Adrian’s insurance company asks Adrian to choose a new medical lab to conduct his medical tests. After looking through the long list supplied by his insurance company, Adrian selects Moore & Moore Labs Pte Ltd (‘M&M’) as their premises are closest to his home. His insurance company agrees to make arrangements with M&M for Adrian to go there for his quarterly check-ups, starting in mid-April. As arranged, Adrian goes to M&M for his quarterly check up on 15 April 2003. All costs of the check-up are paid for by Adrian’s insurance company (which is charged just $150 for the check-up on a ‘bulk discount’ basis). In particular, the procedure includes a test on Adrian’s blood for cholesterol levels. After taking the blood sample, Adrian is told that the results will be sent to his family doctor (Dr Weevil), and that Dr Weevil will schedule an appointment with him to discuss the results. After looking at the collected data on 16 April, the med...
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