He also indicates that the head of chic corporations

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Unformatted text preview: egional headquarters in downtown Singapore. He also indicates that the head of Chic Corporation’s regional headquarters will be present at the exhibition. Adrian hands Best Photos 5 rolls of films (costing $25) for the shots he has taken at Mount Willow and pays a total sum of $200 in full for the processing charges. Best Photos then gives him a receipt for the payment, which also indicates that the collection date for the photographs will be 20 April 2003 (three days before the exhibition is scheduled to open). There is a clause (in small print) on the receipt: ‘Best Photos Trading Pte Ltd shall not be responsible for any losses or damages arising from or in connection with any photographs or films provided by customer, whether due to the negligence or wilfulness of Best Photos Trading Pte Ltd or its employees.’ On 20 April 2003, when Adrian arrives at Best Photos to collect the photographs, he discovers to his horror that all the negatives from the 5 rolls of film have been accidentally damaged by Best Photos, after processing. Eventually, only 2 rolls are developed successfully, but the photographs are partially exposed. Adrian is very upset as that would mean that he is not able to select the best Mount Willow shots for the ‘Winter Sonata’ exhibition. Q1. Advise Adrian of his legal rights against Best Photos; and Q2. Would your answer to Q1 be any different if the negatives and photographs for the five (5) rolls of film were properly developed by Best Photos, but are then damaged by fire resulting from an unexpected lightning strike that destroys Best Photos’ shop? - oooooOooooo - 2 LGST101 PART II (35%) – Answer BOTH Q3 and Q4 in this Part OR the question in Part III. The ‘Winter Sonata’ photo-art exhibition is scheduled for 23 April 2003 and is organized by Bobby, a spet events-cum-exhibitions organizer. When Bobby first approached Adrian to persuade the latter to engage him to organize a ‘photo-art’ exhibition of Adrian’s works, Adrian...
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