To address adrians concerns bobby assures adrian that

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Unformatted text preview: is initially hesitant as he is unsure of Bobby’s competence in this regard. To address Adrian’s concerns, Bobby assures Adrian that he has a proven track record in that all exhibitions organized by him in the last year have attracted no less than 1,000 patrons per exhibition. Bobby’s statement is made on the basis of a report prepared by Botched Data Pte Ltd (‘Botched Data’). Impressed by Bobby’s assurance, Adrian signs a contract with Bobby, granting Bobby the exclusive right to exhibit and sell his works at the ‘Winter Sonata’ exhibition. Further in reliance on Bobby’s ‘expertise,’ Adrian deviates from his usual practice of hiring Hall 12 at the World Trade Expo Centre (with a capacity of 200 persons) at $2,000 per day and instead hires the Centre’s massive Hall 1 (with a capacity of 800 persons) for $12,000 per day. However, the report prepared by Botched Data is erroneous as it contains a number of methodological errors; the fact is that the number of patrons for Bobby’s exhibitions only averaged about 500 per exhibition. At no time is Bobby aware of the error as he has been told by Botched Data on a few occasions that all the facts and figures in their report are accurate. On 30 March 2003, Adrian discovers the error in Botched Data’s report. Q3. (a) Advise Adrian if he has any valid reason for avoiding the contract with Bobby. (b) Would your advice to Adrian be any different if Adrian discovers Botched Data’s error on the day before the exhibition, by which time Bobby had already secured acceptances to attend the exhibition from many of the city’s known patrons of ‘photoart’? - AND For his trip to Mount Willow, Adrian was accompanied by his friend Charlie. All their travel arrangements for the trip (scheduled for 1 April 2003 to 10 April 2003) are made by Adrian with Easy Travel Pte Ltd (‘Easy Travel’), his regular travel agency. As it will be difficult to obtain telecommunications access at Mount Willow, Adrian has specifica...
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