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Unformatted text preview: – mix of white Pinto – spotted, white yellow, white mane & as it ages, born blue­ stripe (along hairs with basic color w/ color markings tail blue/black backbone), usually yellowish http://www.handicheval.ch/images/photos/pinto.jpg Gaits (natural) Gaits (natural) Walk – 4 beat – Each foot hits ground Each at a different time at – 4 mph http://www.stallionstation.com/ss/directory/listers/skiesrblue/priadd~1.jpghttp://www.tennwalkinghorses.com/americanraise_0005.jpghttp://www.funnysnaps.com/igait.html Gaits (natural) Gaits (natural) Trot – 2 beat – One front w/opposite One rear foot hits ground at same time same – 9 mph http://www.horses­and­horse­information.com/images/linda­harper­my­majestic­luv.jpg Gaits (natural) Gaits (natural) Canter – 3 beat – Two diagonal legs hit Two at the same time w/other hind leg & foreleg hitting at different times different – 10 –12 mph http://www.vannercentral.com/images/Cobalt%20canter.jpg Gaits (natural) Gaits (na...
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