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Unformatted text preview: tural) Gallop – fastest 4 beat Gallop gait gait – Feet strike separately - one Feet hind, 2nd hind, forefoot on hind, same side as first step same – All feet are off the ground All briefly briefly Gaits (natural) Gaits (natural) Pace – 2 beat – One side (front/rear), One other side (front/rear) other – 30 mph Mule Mule Cross between a horse & donkey Mare x male donkey (jack) = mule Female donkey (jinny) x stallion = hinny Mule & hinny are sterile hybrids of a horse & donkey cross Hybrid vigor strong pack animal­canyon­mule­portrait­8.4.jpg­2005.04.03­15.05.08.j...
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