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Enterotoxemia many antibiotics can cause fatal

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Unformatted text preview:   Will eat sunflower seeds to their detriment •  Best housed in solid- bottom caging with bedding •  Handled by grasping base of tail •  Avoid pulling skin of the tip and exposing tail vertebrae! Gerbils •  Common diseases •  •  •  •  Malocclusion (need teeth trimming) Epileptic seizures Nasal dermatitis Aged gerbils prone to tumors •  Bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections are uncommon •  Tyzzer's disease– Clostridium bacteria causes watery diarrhea •  Treatment usually ineffective •  Zoonoses •  Very few disease threats to people Guinea Pigs •  Cavia porcellus •  Originated in South America •  Bred for food consumption •  Domesticated when brought to Europe in 1500s •  Hystricomorph rodent •  Used in biomedical research Guinea Pigs •  Biology and behavior •  Strictly herbivores •  Fussy eaters •  Ma...
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