Chapter 9 Pt 3

kitten care and feeding kittens require colostrum

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Unformatted text preview: and kittens are among the fastest- growing mammals ò༏  Puppies at 3 weeks are beginning to consume adult dog food in addition to the mineral and protein- rich motherʼȁs milk, and can obtain their entire nutritional needs from solid food by 6 weeks of age Early Development and Feeding Puppies ò༏  Weaning – start weaning at 3 weeks ò༏  Remove the female and provide a commercially prepared solid puppy chow and fresh water ad libitum ò༏  The goal of a feeding program for puppies is to promote the optimal growth at the average rate for their breed ò༏  ***** Large breed puppy food for large breeds!!!!!!!!!! Kitten Care and Feeding ò༏  Kittens require colostrum after birth to provide passive immunity against infectious diseases ò༏  Newborn kitten is unable to regulate its body temperature or to eliminate without stimulation from its dam (mom) ò༏  Kittens should be encouraged to begin eating a kitten growth formula at 3 weeks of age ò༏  The queen will usually begin weaning the kittens when they are 6 to 10 weeks old Orphan Feeding and Care ò༏  Commercially prepared formulas are preferred for feeding orphaned puppies or kittens ò༏  Methods of feeding include using nipple bottles, droppers, spoons, and tube feeding ò༏  Following feeding, a moistened cotton ball should be rubbed around the genital area to simulate defecation and urination ò༏  Orphaned puppy or kitten should be kept in a warm environment and handled only during feeding Nutrition and Endurance in Dogs with adequate water ò༏  Healthy, well- nourished dogs provided have enormous stamina ò༏  Research has shown they can work continuously for 30 or more hours ò༏  Following September 11, more than 350 canine search spets worked 12- hour shifts to locate victims Exercise Physiology and Nutrition in Dogs ò༏  Providing optimal dietary protein enhances...
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