Chapter 7 Part 3

Digging pit husbandry degus diet high quality meadow

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Unformatted text preview: •  External and internal parasites may be a problem •  Mites •  Cestodes •  Hymenolepsis nana is pathogenic for humans •  Tumors •  Malocclusion of jaws= tooth overgrowth Degus •  Degu •  Native to central Chile •  "Brush- tailed rat" •  "Chilean squirrel" •  Highly social •  Intelligent •  Easy to tame •  Greet their owners •  Communicate with wide vocal repertoire of sounds •  Biology Degus •  Order Rodentia, suborder Caviomorphia, family Octodontidae •  6 to 12 inches long •  Tail may be another 6 to 10 inches •  Agouti color •  Belly...
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