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Around 60 days of age litter size 6 to 12 pups owner

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Unformatted text preview: •  Animal exposed to sick or diseased animals •  Sick animals may not exhibit signs for a few days •  Anatomy Mice and Rats •  Open- rooted incisors (=continuously growing) •  Harderian gland •  Located behind rat's eyeball •  When rat stressed or sick, produces red porphyrin secretion •  Check food and water- - Unlimited water supply will add to animal comfort Mice and Rats •  Physiology •  Gestation is 21 to 23 days •  Begin breeding at around 60 days of age •  Litter size 6 to 12 pups •  Owner must learn to manage breeding habits of pets Mice and Rats •  Physiology •  Pups •  Born hairless •  Beautiful pink color •  "Pinkie" mice •  Eyelids closed at birth •  Handle gently •  Choose docile stocks of rats •  Mouse is not a good choice for people who want to pet their animals Mice and Rats •  Husbandry •  Daily food intake– specially designed rodent food •  Must be balanced with proper nutrients •  Water must be provided at all times for rats and mice •  Without water, animals will die within a few days Mice and Rats •  Husbandry...
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