Chapter 9 Pt 1

Supplementation may be necessary on prolonged oral

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Unformatted text preview: categories: •  Fat- soluble (A, D, E, and K) •  Water- soluble (B- complex and C). Fat Soluble Vitamins •  Vitamin A •  Component of visual pigments of the eye and is required for normal vision and healthy skin •  Required for normal fetal development, in its absence, fetuses develop congenital defects •  Exostosis is one of the manifestations of vitamin A toxicity (formation of new bone on the surface of bone– very painful) Fat Soluble Vitamins •  Vitamin D •  Becomes a dietary essential only when companion animals are not exposed to sunlight •  Dogs and cats have a predilection for lying in the sun •  Benefit of sunbathing is the synthesis of vitamin D from 7- dehydrocholesterol within the skin •  Essential in preventing rickets by regulating calcium and phosphorus metabolism Fat Soluble Vitamins •  Regulating the balance of calcium and phosphorus within the body is important not only for healthy bones but also for muscle strength and normal neuromuscular transmission •  Deficiency– Osteoporosis/bone weakness, Muscle weakness (including the heart muscle) •  Excess vitamin D: •  Calcification of connective tissues, lungs, kidneys, and stomach...
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